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Lightroom 200 Presets and 30 Retouching Brushes

Lightroom 200 Presets and 30 Retouching Brushes

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This Lightroom 200 preset comprises of 5 different sets. This bundle includes, Cinematic, Vogue, Vintage, Retouch, and Autumn Presets.

You also receive 30 custom Lightroom retouching brushes. With these brushes, you can smooth out skin tones, enhance the eyes, add lip gloss, hair highlights, and much more.

Compatibility – Mac and Windows – Lightroom Classic - All Versions

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20+ Years of Photoshop Experience

Gavin Phillips loves to teach new and exciting creative techniques in Photoshop. He has been teaching Photoshop for over 20 Years. One of his great interests is in showing Photoshop users how to turn a photo into realistic painted art using his custom plugins and Photoshop brushes. The plugins also greatly speed up your workflow in Photoshop by automating tedious tasks, leaving you free to be creative.