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Realistic Watercolor Photoshop Action (+20 Custom Watercolor Brushes)

Realistic Watercolor Photoshop Action (+20 Custom Watercolor Brushes)

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Transform Photos into Watercolor Art with Photoshop Action

Have you ever wanted to paint in watercolor but cannot draw? Now you can with this unique set of actions, watercolor backgrounds, color, washes, and much more. The action uses custom brushes that help create the effect. When the action finishes, we show you how to tweak the effect to get it exactly how you want it. Now you will be able to turn any photo into realistic watercolor art in a few minutes.

The Ultimate Watercolor Photoshop Action Works with Photoshop versions CS6 to CC2023 and beyond.

This Photoshop watercolor action turns your photos into real watercolor art in minutes. Change every detail of an image to a beautiful water-colored painting that looks real without affecting the integrity of your shot.

Why Choose Real Watercolor Photoshop Action?

  1. Effortless Artistry: With just a click, your photos transform into amazing watercolor paintings.
  2. Fully Customizable: Adjust the intensity and style to match your creative vision.
  3. Time-Saving: Achieve professional results quickly, without the need for complex techniques or expensive software.
  4. Versatile Use: Perfect for photographers, graphic designers, bloggers, or anyone looking to add a unique watercolor effect to their images.

Ultimate watercolor action bundle includes,

  • Ultimate watercolor actions
  • 20 custom watercolor brushes and textures
  • A watercolor action instruction movie tutorial

Create something different and wonderful with this unique yet realistic watercolor action full of color and vibrance

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20+ Years of Photoshop Experience

Gavin Phillips loves to teach new and exciting creative techniques in Photoshop. He has been teaching Photoshop for over 20 Years. One of his great interests is in showing Photoshop users how to turn a photo into realistic painted art using his custom plugins and Photoshop brushes. The plugins also greatly speed up your workflow in Photoshop by automating tedious tasks, leaving you free to be creative.