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Sunlight, Bokeh, and Lens Flare Photoshop Actions and Overlays

Sunlight, Bokeh, and Lens Flare Photoshop Actions and Overlays

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Lighting is everything in photography. Now you can add stunning natural light to your photos with a few mouse clicks. Get over 100 sunlight, bokeh, and lens flare overlays. These Photoshop actions help speed up the process and save you time.

The sunlight and light leak tools flourish your image with an in-depth bokeh, allowing you to have creative freedom along with consistency. Not to mention, all this can be achieved in a fraction of the time. This tool includes,

  • 40 custom actions
  • 150 high-resolution overlays of sunlight, bokeh, autumn, light leaks, and light dust

Simply click and put beautiful sunlight and colored bokeh everywhere in your image to satisfy your own / client’s needs and capture attention on the internet.

Compatibility – Mac and Windows – Photoshop CS6 through CC2023 and onwards

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20+ Years of Photoshop Experience

Gavin Phillips loves to teach new and exciting creative techniques in Photoshop. He has been teaching Photoshop for over 20 Years. One of his great interests is in showing Photoshop users how to turn a photo into realistic painted art using his custom plugins and Photoshop brushes. The plugins also greatly speed up your workflow in Photoshop by automating tedious tasks, leaving you free to be creative.